dad not coping-lack of sleep

sheila d

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Dec 8, 2007
Mum came out of hospital just a week ago, and is at home with dad, who wants to care for her-they are 85 and 83.

After 3 days it was clear that dad couldn't cope and was ringing me at 3am to talk. I contacted the social worker and she arranged for emergency respite care, but dad is finding a hundred reasons that it won't be suitable, all along the lines that no-one can look after mum like he can.

Anyway, it is clear that neither of them wants to be separated and I don't know what else to do- repsite has been delayed for a few days.

The main problem appears to be lack of sleep- dad has prostate cancer and is up during the night, then he also has to get up to mum 2-3 times a night. If I can work out a way to get dad 2 or 3 nights sleep a week, then maybe he would manage.

I have suggested that he talks to GP about sleeping tablets, sedatives or anything else that might help, but he is worried abou their addictive nature.

Has anyone else faced issues around sleep deprivation and if so what else can I consider.


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Jan 25, 2008
West Yorkshire
Hi there is it possible for both of your parents to go into respite care together that way your dad could have a rest and still be with your mum, dont know if its possible but it maybe worth looking into.