Dad moving to NH closer to me


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Mar 8, 2008
:)Well wanted to update you all on the fantastic news that I took Dad to visit the NH close to us today and he loved it and can't wait to move in.
We are moving him on Saturday (could not manage before due to work commitments).
As many of you know we have had lots of problems with where he is now.
Dad had £10 in his wallet in his drawer in his room, a few weeks ago and it went "missing". I reported it missing and was told the following day it had been found, but I have now found out it was not found as they thought it was the 10 £1 coins that he took in with him from hospital..after I had been told they had it I decided it was safe(I know stupid of me!)to leave him another £10 in his wallet....I wrote my name and DOB on it....and it was there Sunday but today it is missing!!
Manager has reported it to the sad that things like this happen.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their help...just need to get the finance side of things sorted now.


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Feb 17, 2008
so pleased things are working out for you
the sooner he's moved the better shame about the money there is some horrid people about that would steal from someone thats ill.

hope the move goes well


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Jul 7, 2007
Hello Jack

Brilliant news about your dad. Hope it goes well. Let us know how the finance sorting out goes - we were dreading it but in the end , ours was really easy !

Re the money - our Mum had bits go missing BUT it was the other residents in the main . Some lovely ladies were into help themselves mode with all sorts of things including family photos, glasses etc. - and you wouldn't believe the arguments about handbags ! Basically if it wasn't nailed down it would "walk" - no real harm done in the longer term as the carers made sure everything was named and on their twice daily room checks would "liberate" kidnapped property !

Our Mums CH had a very secure pocket money system BUT this didn't solve the problem of people wanting their own money in their wallets. Some solved this by giving old holiday currency
- appreciate this only works with people who have poor sight - and others did it (and I think this is possibly a bit illegal but no harm was done - so not in any way recommending ) by giving fairly poor photocopies of bank notes and some foreign coins similar to one pound coins.

All the staff played along when required so it made life a lot easier. Not sure what stage your dad is at but hope it helps.