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Dad keeps wanting to spit


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Oct 10, 2013
Hi my dad is 86 and we are doing really well at the moment managing him at home he lives with my mum who is 82, I live on the same street and care for there needs, Luckly my sister and brother help as much as they can, we have all got busy lives and sometimes it can be difficult, My dad has Alzehiers he in the later stages I would say, he suddenly started spitting, at first it was difficult as we couldn't understand what was happening, we was driving along when he kepted pointing to his mouth like he was going to be sick, We took him up to the walkin centre as well as the a & e they did all the blood test checked his heart everything came back normal, One doctor said Jim you have to swallow that in your mouth, I knew then it was just his slarva that he didnt want to swallow, Sometimes mum would rather he didn't go shopping with het anymore as he wants to go and spit out all the time, Last night they went to there local club and she said he was fine, only he fidgets all the time constantly look in his jacket which he keeps on all the time, when hes at home if mums not looking he spits on her plant, hes at the back door a lot as we tell him to go in the back garden if he needs to spit, we have noticed it seems to be after he has eaten, and when he doesn't want to be in the surrounding he is in, Is anyone else experiencing the same thing ? We are managing my dad on medication hes on me memantine in the morning to slow the dementia down and hes on promazine to calm him and help him sleep at night, which doesn't always work, another thing he has been staying in bed till about 1 pm in the afternoon, I spoke to the doctor from the memory clini and he said thats good, We are just worrief as he doesn't always eat and hes missing meals, Hes not losing weight as the side affect of the memantine is weight gain, anyway the memory clinic doc is due on sept 24th therse visits are few and far between, Is probably because there are thousands of cases thats all for now x
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