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Dad keeps getting lost


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Aug 21, 2015
I wondered if anyone had any ideas on what to do about my Dad. He has always enjoyed going for a walk (or 2 or 3) everyday and has been encouraged to do this by all the professionals he has seen. However now he keeps getting lost, even from places that he had walked to and from for years. We dont want to inhibit his walks for many reasons but now its happening more often and the stress on my mum is taking its toll. Anyone have any ideas regarding some sort of trackers. Not sure him taking a mobile phone will help as he tends to lose things too?


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Apr 24, 2013
This has been my husband's problem for the best part of a year. We hang a mobile phone round his neck which he may or may not answer. He cannot make a call so that's no use but I always put his phone round his neck anyway. More recently we bought a GPS tracker for just under £200 online - no other running costs. Up to six people can have the number of the tracker on their phones. You ring it while he is out walking and it sends coordinates back to your phone. If you have a smart phone it will link straight to your google map and show accurately where he is. I put the coordinates in my iPad which is a bit slower but again is very accurate.

It has an SOS button on it too but that is more likely to go off by accident as someone with dementia would forget about it. It is a worthwhile investment for serial wanderers.


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Aug 21, 2015
Thank you marionq and Cat27 . Some sort of tracker system would be ideal as we still want him to have his independence as long as possible. I will have a look at the comments on the thread too. :)


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May 21, 2014
Contact your council's telecare department. If a need is assessed and recognised they could give you a tracker for free. We have a Buddi tracker through the council.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
You might also want to advise the local police, so that if he gets distressed while he is out and they are called they will already know about him

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