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Dad has multiple houses (he doesn't)


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May 21, 2022
Hi Gavin,
I am the caregiver for my 56 year old brother. Every evening starting around 5:30 PM until about 7:30 PM we go through the same thing. We live two thousand miles away from where we grew up and he always says that he has to go home to the address he last lived in Montreal. He thinks the house is up the road from where we live now. Since it happens always around the same time I start preparing dinner and ask him if he will stay for dinner and then I will get him home which eases the stress. Once he is more relaxed I ask if he would like to stay fro the night since we have some activity the next day. Most often this works. Other times we go for a walk for snout an hour and then return home and he asks if he can stay for the night. It is repetitive but it seems to work.

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