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dad has insight and is very distressed.


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Oct 29, 2015
my dad has lewy body dementia which is progressing quickly. he is worse at night, unable to sleep, wandering, looking for people or items and getting very angry.
he tells us to leave as he doesn't believe we live there and gets very distressed.this can go on for hours.
In the morning, he knows somethings happened and he's the cause.
The worst thing is, he tells me he's terrified!!
I don't know what to do?


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Oct 29, 2015
Welcome to TP :)

I'd contact the GP as first point of call.
thankyou cat27.
managed to get an appt with his consultant tomorrow and hopefully sort something out for him.
i can cope with a lot of aspects of his dementia but feel at a loss when I can see how much it distresses him.
I feel it would be "easier" if he didn't realise.:(


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Feb 27, 2015
I hope the appointment goes well. It so upsetting watching & feeling helpless.
Please keep posting here as you'll get lots of help & support.