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Dad getting more irritable and bad tempered


New member
Jan 7, 2021
My dad is really struggling not being able to get out of the care home at all even for a walk. His dementia is now progressing to getting bad tempered with people. For example if he gets up to go to the toilet, comes back and someone is in the seat he has been in all morning. This is happening on a daily basis now and he rings me really upset saying he is fed up and wants to leave there. He went into the care home last July for respite care, was assessed by a social worker as needing supported living rather than be in a care home, but at the time the place that was deemed suitable for him was not taking new applications. Roll on 2 months later a different social worker said he didn't have capacity and a Dols was applied. I feel really guilty that he wasn't given the opportunity for supported living and now he is stuck in the care home. I don't feel as though the staff manage his bad temper incidents and nip in the bud sooner before they escalate. I have checked the website and his care home does not state s specislism in Dementia Care, so can i move him to one that is better trained to support people with dementia?

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Shirlthewhirl

You can move your dad to another care home if you are not satisfied with the home he is in but you might need a meeting with all involved with the DoLs even if the home he is in now doesn`t specialise in dementia care.

I moved my mother without any trouble.

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