Dad approved for NHS continuing care


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Mar 8, 2008
Just had a call to say Dad has been approved for NHS countinuing care. It will be reviewed in 3 months and then every 6months. Was told that his care will be paid for in full by the NHS and he does not have to make any contribution whilst this is in place.

Now to get my meeting with the DWP sorted on Monday to become his appointee so that I can sort out his benefits and hopefully that will tie up some loose ends.


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Nov 7, 2004
Congratulations Jack.

I hope it makes you feel just a little more relaxed over your dad’s situation.

You have managed in a few weeks what I am still trying to achieve after 14 months !!!!

Did the NHS tell you what your Dad’s score was when they did the Assessment?

Would it be possible for you to share your dad’s score with us if you know?

It would be something like one Priority, or two Severe, or eight High.

All the best


PS. It would help you to know the score so that you can compare what they say in six months time.


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Mar 8, 2008
Hi Clive,

So far I have just had a phone call to say he was approved. They said I will get written conformation, so I will check if the score is included with that. If not I will give them a call after the letter has arrived and try and find out. I will certainly share the result with you all if I can find out.

Good luck if you are still trying to get this funding it seems to be such a lottery:(

Susi T

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Jan 12, 2007
Leamington Spa
Hi Jack

Excellent news Jack, I am awaiting a decision about Dad, this is a re-assessment (appeal) for him, should have gone before the panel after the Bank holiday, I am awaiting letter or phone call to let me know.

All the very best

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