CT scan results


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Oct 13, 2005
My mum has been in an elderly assessment/dysfunctional unit for approx 4 wks now.We have received her ct scan results and they are showing ? benign growths including in the frontal lobe that the staff state don't appear to be growing(how they know this as they have no previous scan to base this opinion on !!!!)They have informed us that she has not got AD but are keeping her on high doses of anti-psychotic medication.We are awaiting referral to a neurologist but despite this and an account our family has compiled re changes since April 2004 plans for discharge home are still being carried out against our wishes.I have been searching on the internet and there does seem to be some evidence of frontal lobe lesions being associated with dementia-also the scan showed evidence of "old" infarts.Could anyone shed any light please?


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Oct 29, 2005
Leeds, UK
hi, infarts=infarc's, short for infarction ( as in a heart attack is a myocardial infarction)
infarcs are places where the blood supply has been interrupted and the place has died from lack of blood supply, so old infarcs are little areas of dead tissue.
At least it should be, I am talking from my nursing experience now, before i looked after mum, heh, tho i was a mental handicap nurse, but if i remember rightly, that is the medical definition



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Mar 13, 2004
Hi Marie

I'm not sure about all the medical garb but my mum's CT showed shrinkige of the brian, although when I asked about her cat scan I was not told this at the time. I found this out later from medical reports. Though you say she hasn't got Alz. I hope you find the info you need from someone here and things get easier for you.
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