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CSCI Survey

Louise Lakey

Registered User
Apr 19, 2007
Hello Skye,

Thank you very much for posting this link and making people aware of the survey.

The Society is also going to submit a response to this survey and I have started a thread asking for people's views ('Your views and experience needed'). We felt that it would be beneficial and powerful to pull comments together into one response and make some recommendations for change.

People are of course very welcome to respond to the survey individually and I would also be very pleased to hear from you. My thread 'Your views and experience needed' gives some more information on the survey.

Many thanks, Louise Lakey
Senior Policy Officer


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Sorry, Louise, I had read your post, but had not linked the two!:eek:

I picked up the link from the PRT newsletter.

Need to get my head in gear!:eek: