Crying when I think of Mum


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Oct 17, 2007
This will seem stupid to you all but my Mum is now in hospital full time, and every time I think about her I just burst out in tears, she's can't speak properly now and I think she knows me, but it kills me to see her like that or think about her like that. I know she'd hate to see her self like this.

She attacked me the other week, but I know it wasn't her that was doing it.

I feel like a fool for crying, and I don't understand why I do....

But I do know I love her to bits she's been my guardian and best friend through my life...

I miss my old Mum


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear Feral, welcome to TP.

Of course you cry about your mum. It's awful to see our loved ones suffering in this way, turning into someone we don't recognise, yet whom we still love so deeply. Believe me, we all know that feeling. You are grieving for the person she was, your loving mum. She is still there, but you are still grieving, because she is no longer the mum you depended on for all those years.

I'm glad you've found TP. We can't do anything to ease your pain, but we do understand, because we all feel the same.

Post on here whenever you need to, you will always find friendship and support.



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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
She attacked me the other week said:
We all love our suffers, otherwise we wouldn't be here, we wouldn't care or be interested enough.

It is very hard when you lose your best friend.

I can understand this, I have lost 2 best friends, Mum and Dad, but I hope they are still there, somewhere

Take care

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