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Oct 21, 2004
Natashartist - hi!

I just read your story about your grandmother then your mother who it would seem also suffers from Alz.

What I would like to say to you is: perhaps you shouldn't say so glibly that your mum (50) has the same thing - you do not know that until all the tests have been run , and indeed if she is that young, they should be run if there is any doubt about her condition...... someone posted you sth. interesting (Sheila-moderator) in which she said it could be due to hormones (of course!!!!) I for one have been suffering from lapses in memory but what I do is try and write things down, and if you DO think it could be due to dementia not only take her to have the tests done but put names on fridge, door, etc. etc. to help her.

ok best of luck,´
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May 20, 2003
Originally posted by mailife49
Natashartist - hi!

What I would like to say to you is: perhaps you shouldn't say so glibly that your mum (50) has the same thing -

mailife 49
Hello Mailife 49 I didnt think Natasha was jumping to conclusions - just incredibly worried and not able to see how to have her Mums symptoms investigated without the big A coming into the conversation.

Sometimes if you are very worried about something its very difficult to think clearly. (Been there, done that !!) . I can see that if a daughter mentions to her Mum that she might like to talk to GP about her memory lapses it means the daughter has noticed something. If the mother had already said "I'm really worried about my memory" then the situation is slightly easier. Daughter can say - "Why dont you/we go to the GP - there are lots of causes of memory problems not least the Menopause or any other cause of hormone imbalance."

Its that first going public or confiding in one other that ones memory is not all it used to be that must be the hardest - and if there is someone in the family with advanced dementia - it must be even harder as there must be a feeling that everyone will think thats how it will be for them too - eventually. What we forget is that none of us know what tomorrow holds. Back to that Live for today philosophy or as Norman says "Day by Day".

Hope that makes sense.