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Oct 3, 2005
sorry i only seem to post when i am having a bad day but thats when i feel you guys are there.
Last few days have been going down hill with sundowning etc but we now seem to have a problem with food. Yesterdays dinner of liver and onions turned into a crows head and giblets, the icecream had crawlies and the tea had flys in.
Anyone else had this problem?


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
I never had this with Jan, but I can see how it might happen as the ability of the brain to interpret what the eyes see becomes compromised.

It is not a far step from seeing people in shadows to seeing things in food - and haven't we all seen a cloud at some time that looks like something familiar - there has been a recent spate of pictures in the Daily Mail on the topic.

Just how one can get over that problem in food... I can't think. I know my wife Jan has problems with food textures, but as her vision is effectively gone, she can no longer see the food anyway.

I hope someone else can be more helpful!


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Mar 16, 2005
Hi Doris,

Sorry to hear about your bad day. You could try adding some sugar to the tea. It may not be very policitally correct but it stopped my Dad's complaints about it tasting 'funny' (this was after many years of not having sugar in his tea).

If asked "What are these flies doing in my tea", remember to answer "the breast stroke"! ;)

The sundowning is a real difficult one. There are quite a few other threads which may help, here are just a few:

You can find more if you do a Search.

Best wishes,