CQC (ex CSCI) reports


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Apr 29, 2010
Does anyone have any opinions on the Care Quality Commissioning reports? Has anyone put foward a complaint to CQC and had them successfully listen to it?!


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Sep 7, 2009
Hello annikins

No views on their reports, other than they are probably as good as an MOT on a car, only valid on that day!! Just my opinion.

Have written to CQC about a care home and have received the reply that they can not handle complaints, they only assess. Seems bizarre.

If funded by SS you can complain to them.

Hope this helps.


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Apr 29, 2010
That's exactly what the inspection people said to me. What they see on the day is what they go by! After the inspection the home made lots of staff redundant and is now suffering greatly and so is my father.

We complained to CQC and they told us that the residents were 'warm and well fed' so what was the problem and for the money my father paid (privately funded)then he's be able to afford to live in a hotel!!

You need more than being warm and well fed with this illness. You need activity, stimulation, fresh air and to get try and keep mobile.

I don't understand how CQC can inspect homes if they do not understand the illness!! Words are beyond me.


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Jul 16, 2008
No views on their reports, other than they are probably as good as an MOT on a car, only valid on that day!! Just my opinion.
It will come as no surprise to hear that I agree with jayne-b. With one addition: the MOT happens on the same day that the certificate is granted (or not!). But, with the CQC reports, it can take up to 6 months for the inspection report to appear on the CQC website, so it's already an out-of-date MOT!

There are two schools of thought: those who believe the reports are helpful; those who believe they are a waste of space. I believe they are a waste of space.


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Dec 27, 2009
West Yorkshire
I completely agree with JPG1, reports not worth the paper they're written on. I just don't know how we are ever to get anything to change. Sorry to be negative but I can only speak from experience.

When I was looking around what pass for care homes in this area, I made notes and then did a brief report that I sent to CQC. I asked them to refer to it when they did their next inspection.

Annikins, welcome to the band of people prepared to speak out and complain to try to get better care for our loved ones.


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Feb 28, 2005
west mids
Hiya, my own ecperience comes from reading the reports for mums care home and from being a nurse manager in a dialysis unit where we were inspected annually by the Healthcare Commisssion.

Our inspections were a predominantly paper excercise , looking at protocols and policies and procedures.THey would inspect the unit itself , looking as hygiene levels etc and then would choose two or three patients to speak to.Seemed a bit farcical to me as after a couple of years I knew exactly what paperwork they would focus on and would prepare accordingly!

Experience of them as the CQC at mums home was similar, twice it was graded at one star ,.adequate...which I totally disagreed with...their paperwork may have been so but the love , care and dignity with which she was treated was first class and in my opinion this cant be measured by a paper excercise .
Ally xx


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Sep 9, 2009
cornwall/real name is Angela
I have had the pleasure of numerous inspections undertaken by CSCI/CQC over the years.
Six years ago I was away for the inspection,our service was graded as adequate,due to the lack of updated paperwork.

I was mortified and asked for another inspection.We spent 3 months getting everything sorted behind the scenes,we had everything,ie seven hundred policies and procedures,we followed all the national minimum standards but we were a bit disorganised and when a certain item was asked to be seen ,no one could find it.

What we did well was care,we had no written complaints,we had over a hundred letters of thanks,we were the agency used by people in the statutory sector to care for their relatives.We had a very low turn over of staff.

The next inspection came and we were given a good rating.

I asked how we could get an excellent score and I was told to get a all singing and dancing web site!!

We now spend hours and hours keeping our documentation up to date,we are supposed to review care plans at least yearly,our care plans change daily,I have somoene whoose sole job is to go out and about updating care plans in peoples homes.

The red tape is a nightmare,we have new regs and rules coming all the time.I have just recently seen the new Infection Control Quality Standards,the manual is huge,that in itself will probably take my managers a week to read , digest and act on.

I set up my domiciliary care company 20 years ago,the care we provide has not changed,my senior staff positions have,they are now pen pushers.

Another form of regulation is now upon us,and as JPG1 informed everyone not long ago,the current rating system is being abolished.So hey ho,another set of paperwork.

I have had to engage the services of a consultant to help comply with these new quality standards since we have no time to do this.

Sorry for having a good old moan,just thought I could throw a bit of light from the other side,so to speak.

Have a lovely Sun afternoon everyone.


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Aug 18, 2006
A one star home

I use a one star home for my Mum occassionally(when we go on holiday), their paperwork was a bit hit and miss, but the care!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not for the life of me understand why this place is a one star rating. Clean, friendly, a thousand and one activities, food to die for, lovely gardens, views across a boating lake etc. CQC = NBG! IMHO

I still thin personal recommendation has a LOT going for it and somewhere individuals shoul be able to offer thier own feedback on places (not necessarily here I know that has all been discussed). Ultimately it is up to the care to recheck facts, but I would love to hear some personal views of care facilities.


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Jul 16, 2008
The link below will give an example of why CQC is a waste of space, IMHO.


From 2-star 'good' to zero-star 'poor' - as the CQC rushed through an inspection, and hastily published the report. But only after the police investigation started.


There is more to CQC inspections and reports than meets the eye of the average person looking for quality care. The faults are sometimes with the care provider. The inability of CQC inspectors to identify enormous failings in the provision of care are horrifying. So where does that leave the average punter?

The whole system is desperately in need of a radical overhaul, because it is fairly meaningless at present.