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Jan 4, 2006
Hey that is really smart, it puts the link in for you. That's really clever, I'm well impressed!


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Mar 13, 2006
hi Amy many thanks for the link, i havent advanced that far yet uploading a photo was my big achievment!!:)

As far as i know my brother explained my mums condition to the "nice lady" and she was quite adamant thats what he'd have to do, we're going to get in touch with the other "nice lady" from social services who originally advised dad to apply and see what she has to say if that fails the "nice lady/man" whoever picks the phone up will have to answer to me ( ive got PMT god help them:) )
will keep you posted as to the outcome

thanks for your help


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Jan 9, 2006
Hi everyone

We have just found out today that because mum qualifies for the higher rate attendance allowanmce, this entitles her to a higher rate of pension credit, ( we were told to chase Pension Credit as it does not always come through automatically so please be aware of this)

The above allows her full housing benefit and council tax benefit, therefore she pays absolutely nothing for rent (she lives alone in a council bungalow) and nothing for council tax.

Just check your relatives are getting their full qyota of benefits. We had a visit from a lovely lady from the Citizens Advice Bureau who went through everything and filled in the necessary forms, and she did a check on mums benefits also and told us what to expect if and when her attendance allowance was granted, so we were aware in advance.

Hope this helps someone - as I really don't think you should have to worry about this kind of stuff when everything else is going on

Good luck

Maggie x


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Jun 3, 2005
gerrie ley said:
Whilst on the question of grants does everyone know that there is a government grant of up to £2700 to provide a warmer home for people getting attendance allowance.This is for home owners and covers full central heating,boiler replacements,gas wall heaters, gas repairs to boilers and central heating,cavity wall and loft insulation and draught proofing.You need to apply to Warm Front on 0800 0688 789 I suppose that is a national number if not they will give you a contact number for your area. They fill out an application form and then in about four to six weeks someone will come to inspect your house and discuss your needs.We have had the cavity walls done and the loft insulation and we are hoping to have our boiler changed as its over thirty years old and doesnt always work.You perhaps all know about it but I thought it worth a mention.
Gerrie Ley :)cool: any good on the joanna?)
Thank you for the above information, duly printed off & filed for posible future use!