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Council care home re-opening?


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Aug 29, 2007
SW London
Might have said before on here, but last year my group piano/keyboard lesson was moved from an old adult ed centre (once a senior school and now being turned back into one) to an ex care home that the council had seen fit to close. I found it extraordinary that they would close a bright, purpose built CH just when need is so great, and many people have to stay longer in hospital than necessary because they are not ready to go home.
I did hear a rumour that it's going to be re-opening as a 'halfway house' for such people, and I hope this is true, since our piano group starting again next month now has another new location, in another adult ed centre further down the road.

Not sure whether I dare to hope that common sense has prevailed, but will find out and keep you posted. My nasty inner cynic fears it may have been flogged off to developers who will shove up yet another block of vastly overpriced 'luxury apartments' - they are never just flats any more.
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