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Cost of care,


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Apr 28, 2015
I wrote to the P.M. Regarding the cost of care, The reply was the cost would be to high, at six billion. But we can give 12 billion to foriegn aid, Have we got spending wrong.


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Sep 7, 2012
I agree, we have got spending wrong,
but it's not because we give foreign aid.

It isn't even that we don't means-test rich pensioners or child benefit recipients,
it isn't the so called 'benefit scroungers' and it isn't because of immigrants.

It's because we allow the rich 1% to take all the cream and we all live a 'skimmed' life.

Though our life is the land of milk and honey compared with most of the rest of the World (count your blessings time :)).

Tax avoiders, whether corporations or individuals...Capitalism stinks and austerity stings ONLY the poor.


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Mar 24, 2014
Gotta be honest, when permanent care was originally suggested for my husband, I said that we didn't have royal or rock star status and we just couldn't afford it. Howbeit, the care plan went ahead. We share the payments with the LA and so far, I only have to learn to manage paying the bills, ramped up now because of the care. But we manage. The one thing I'm grateful for is that hubby will never know what happened to me. It isn't bad, and I can't complain. Husband probably would if he could, but I'm just grateful things have worked out as they have, so far.

Not properly settled yet, but I'm hanging in there. Only another £400 to find until the next bill comes in! We'll make it.


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Aug 24, 2013
No one knows what the government's big train set will cost (or HS2 as it's known) but anywhere between £50 and £100 billion is the best guess, so I'll be able to get from Manchester to London 30 minutes quicker. There is no issue with money it's an issue of priorities. Replacing Trident with more killier bombs that we'll never use is about £100 billion. The 45 new people appointed to the house of lords today alone will cost about 1.2 million a year, I could go on.
To be fair I think all these things would happen irrespective of who is in power so I'm not blaming the Tories these are things that all the parties are pretty much agreed on.
When Garnuft starts the revolution things may change, until then politicians' vanity projects will always come first.
We can afford to pay for care and keep up our foreign aid commitments if we just lose the train set or the bombs or any of these pet projects.


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Aug 30, 2012
Brixham Devon
Foreign Aid is important; I don't think we should sit back and allow people in poorer countries suffer from drought and famine, or children not have an education. It's no good sitting in front of the TV and watching the footage and not doing anything about it.

I think the real problem is how the money is spent in this (and other countries). So much is wasted or assigned for the wrong things. I agree with Kevin-our priorities are wrong at times.

Gwen-I'd vote for you:) Someone needs to get our priorities right!


Lyn T XX


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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
Garnuft, if there was a "like" button for your post I would press it.
Me too!

But I also think it's not just the 1% who need to change their attitude to paying tax. Sadly far too many middle-income folk think they'd rather have a few pounds less a year on their council tax or income tax than decent services. Maybe they think they'll never need them? So politicians are terrified about being honest about the cost of good quality services as they see it as a vote-loser.

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