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Feb 17, 2015
Im really struggling looking after partner. Shes 67 and hadd alz fior at least three years. Shes agressive and doesnt like me at all. Everything i suggest or do the answer is always no. No to washing, eating, dressing etc etc. Im getting some help but very little really. My own health is suffering. Ive just spoken to the local alz soc who suggested this site. Any advice for dealing with temper and general reluctance to do anything i suggest. Ive thought about suggesting the opposite to see if that works.


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May 18, 2014
My mum doesn't like me anymore, but she is not yet aggressive, just says nasty things to me. So lots of empathy. I did once say to mum shall we NOT go shopping today? and her answer was no we'll go, but getting her out of the car and in to supermarket was a whole other ball game. Her personality has changed completely.