conversation stuggling with it


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Apr 26, 2006
i call it gbble de goof
bob says i know that photo --i did not yes its harry ramsdom on holiday blackpool i was in disco
i felt like i was loosing my mind
when i worked it out it was in blackpool he saw harry ramsdom chips
we then went in to a madam tusaurs like place
and we took photos
he thought he was on with the d j
love bel x


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Jul 31, 2007
I know the feeling.

Dear Bel,
I know exactly what you mean about the speach. Peter is in the later stages and when he talks, I cannot understand a word he is saying but I do reply with something and he seems settled that I answered. I know we try to rely on humour to get us through but I associated the speach with : Donald Duck and the Flower Pot Men !! When I went to see Peter on Monday, bearing in mind he has lost his speach, what amazed me was the following.... A new lady on E.M.I. and she shouts, spiteful, waves her stick and the nurse told me that Peter had told her at the top of his voice to shut up. So somewhere there still is something. Perhaps the fact that this lady is a reincarnation of Peter's mother who was exactly like this woman and she didnot have A.D. nor Dementia. One man throwing books at her to shut her up. I do feel sorry for the staff on these units. But with Peter telling her to shut up and pulling faces behind her back, something has triggered some memory off. I must say it did give the Staff a good laugh because Peter is so gentle and quite. Another avenue of the herrendous illness we have to cope with. Best wishes . Christine

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