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Mar 23, 2015
:( the contract came today for me as attorney to sign as its nearly exchanging contracts so I'm not looking forward to the weekend and having to clear Mams house. I cried when I saw my name on the contract, I never would of thought I would be doing this a year ago and know I'll get on with it on Sunday as you just have to don't you but I know I'll feel stressed and upset when I get back home. Ive found numerous envelopes of my hair while growing up I never knew she kept, it made me think how I should of kept my daughters hair but never did.

I had a cough at the care home today and Mam said to go to her house and get cough syrup in her kitchen cupboard it works, I do wonder sometimes where she thinks she is. She talks nonsense and then remember snippets of memories. It's very strange as well she would be horrified what we are doing this weekend.