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Jan 15, 2008
Hi all

My MIL is starting to show signs of urinary incontinence. She won't admit to having a problem but her underwear is always covered in urine. I want to start by giving her some light pads to see how she gets on with these but I'm just a bit worried that she'll put them down the toilet and block it.

Any suggestions?

Love Roma x

Cornish Rose

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Oct 14, 2012

I wonder if you might try the pant pads or incontinence pants, the ones my dad uses are soft cotton like paper and disposable (not flushable) comfortable and just pull on. Maybe if it was a pant your MIL wouldn't think of flushing them but instead maybe persuaded to put them in a bin that she might think was for washing?


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Feb 20, 2012
Northern Ireland
Hi Roma

Mum began to suffer with urinary incontinence a few years back. Initially her GP was happy to give her some tablets and it kept it at bay for a few years. Unfortunately there's no tablet in the world now that can help her but at least the tablets helped her for a bit. Could your MIL be brought to the GP to try tablets for a while.

Ive tried pads/pants but whatever I get her all end up in the bin. I now buy cheap Tesco own brand knickers by the cart load. I'm sure the staff think I'm a bit weird buying all these size 20 plain white granny knickers considering I'm only a size 8. I've given up explaining and let them make up their own stories!!!



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Apr 16, 2012
Hi Roma,

My MIL sometimes needs pads during the day, usually during and after a bout with UTI and she never flushes them away. Having said that, she was using pads at night for ages as she sometimes couldn't get to the loo in time so maybe that recent memory has had an effect?

Pull ups are good and MIL uses them at night although they usually end up on the floor:eek: Experiment a bit, then look on line for what you want as you won't be paying VAT.


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Sep 15, 2012
Nuneaton, warwickshire
Hi there,

I think my mum is also starting down this path, it's awful isn't it. It's just one more function that's not able to be controlled.

I can't help I'm afraid with advice but I can sympathise and I will be reading avidly the advice that come through.

Thanks for asking the questions that are on the tip of my tongue too, it's nice (but not of you know what I mean) to have someone going through the same stage as we are.



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Feb 4, 2011
Roma, I would go with pull ups/pants. The risk of your MIL trying to flush pads down the loo is a real one - I've done a lot of "fishing" in the past, and the cost of trying to sort out loo blockages plus liability now, doesn't make it worth the risk.

Here in Scotland, the "Continence Service" will prescribe pants if you dig your heels in. It took me a day of discussion/gentle argument some years ago to get pants after years buying them. I suspect, unfortunately, that it is different in England/Wales but it's still worth a try. The route to the Continence Service is usually via Social Services (if your MIL gets Home Care) or via the District Nurses who have to do a formal assessment.

If you are able to take your MIL or arrange for someone to take her to the loo at regular intervals during the day, incontinence will be less of an issue. Not always possible to do, I know - but at least then you can be comforted that most of the pants today, wick away the ammonia and don't lead to sore skin as long as they can be changed reasonably frequently. Sudacrem is still good as a barrier cream.

Good luck.

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