Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Not sure if to laugh or cry! Probably the former is better but could do with some advise if anyone else has had the same problem - with the person they are looking after!!!!

Monique has decided she is constipated =- It started about a week ago. Big part of the problem is she cannot remember if she has been to the loo or not!!

When she first complained I just made conciliatory noises and did nothing but was not sure if it was real or imagined....

After a couple of days of constant complaint that she was constipated - hurt in the stomach and then the bottom or both or neither I gave her some Senocot. 99% certain it did have an effect... But next day the complaints continued.. could not be sure so went to the French chemist and got stuff to put up her backside... Certainly had an effect that night - we have a loo next door to the bathroom - could hear Mountsumers Revenge at work - well, the sound effects at 03.00... But the next afternoon the anquish of not going to the loo returned... cannot find out if the pain is to do with hard stools or a bloated feeling in the stomach.. So a friend suggested it might be Hemmorioids - so I went back to the chemist and got hemmorioid cream - more pessaries - different make and liquid parrafin - administered all 3 with satisfactory results - I think - but not 100% certain. Certainly some effect during the night.

Done a web search which suggests constipation for a week or so is not a big deal -my problem is she swears she has not been for days - I know she has but am not certain to what extent -

We get on a jet plane for London on Saturday mid-day and the last thing I need for the journey to SE London via Stansted is an incontinent Monique. So I do not want to re-dose her tonight or tomorrow. Could not see any sign of hemmoroids (not too sure I would know one if I met one) but I do have more cream..

Frankly I am not sure what to do next - If she cannot remember if she has been. Has no memory of the times I am 99% certain she did go but is convinced she has been constipated for weeks - I am slightly in the **** with the voyage ahead if you will excuse the pun!

Of course when we get to London there is no GP as we are not UK residents but could hit the A&E unit of a London hospital but......... well that's a pretty last resort...

Has anyone else had similar problems and how did they cope?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
No sure answer, but for Jan, Lactulose worked, as long as I kept the dosage low. If I didn't.... aaargh, too much of a good thing, and always at the least good time.

Otherwise, keep Monique well hydrated. Lots of liquids, particularly water. These keep the system in tune.


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Mar 7, 2004
Michael, my Lionel is the same. Swears he has not been to the loo, I know he has as he does not remember to flush these days. Cannot get him to accept this.

He cannot work out now what hurts, sometimes his head (headache), sometimes all over his body, I am at my wits end. Doctor has given him a clean bill of health except for his diabetise and A.D.

What to do, I just sympathise, but worry that one day I will miss something serious.. Confused Connie


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Michael, we had this with M in L recently. In desperation we stuck a chart on the wall by the toilet for each day of the week and divided into sections for each part of the day. Tied a pen on a peice of string and held our breath. Eureeka!! It worked she filled it in each time good as gold, showed she was not constipated to both us and more importantly to her. Could this work for you maybe? Love She. XX


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Oct 29, 2005
Leeds, UK
Its not haemarrhoids, that is connected with the anus, and doesn't cause pain in a wide region. Haemarrhoids are like varicose veins, so the pain is not connected to that.
I won't go into all it could possibly be, too much, and the chart idea may help but if symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
I will add one thing, some medication can cause constipation, check the side effects as well of what your wife is taking :)

hope it helps



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
doesn't cause pain in a wide region
not so, according to my GP. I fainted with the pain on one occasion giving me a black eye just before a trip to the US, and that pain was not so local. I've queried it with the GP as it happens from time to time, generally waking me up in the night, [though not with an actual faint occurring] and he tells me it does happen.

Guess there are degrees of everything, and person to person with that, too.


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Oct 15, 2005
Hi Michael

I am sorry to hear of your new worry.

Thought I will post my experience with mum - in the past, my mother used to be severely constipated, mostly due to the medication she was on for a psychotic condition. At one stage, she had to be hospitalised but ever since, I have been keeping track of her motions personally to save all trouble for her and for me. There is no point in asking her as she always says she has passed motion when she hasn't. She doesn't drink enough on her own either. Just have to keep doing it for her. In the hospital, however, they scanned the intestines and discovered an unobtrusive tumour which had nothing to do with the constipation. Well, my intention isn't to 'scare' you - apologies !!

Since you have already administered suppositories, you probably have 'cleaned' her intestines sufficiently but if I were you, I would consult my doctor to make sure that everything is under control. But of course, you would certainly take whatever action you think is necessary.

Warm regards and best wishes for a trouble-free journey ;)

Sue Stimpfig


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Jul 2, 2005
My husband complains of quite the opposite to constipation - wants to 'go' frequently, but only when away from home. Three times during a trip to the cinema, while can sit in front of tv at home for an evening with no problem. I suspect it is anxiety related, and GP agreed, but he has been so agitated about it took him to see a different GP today, who has referred him for tests.

He was offered these tests a year ago, which came with sachets of some sort of powder to take, and very restricted diet to eat for a few days before they happen, and even the booklet said words to the effect if you don't now want the test done after reading about it, cancel. Which he did.

Second GP said don't cancel this time, but I am dreading trying to stop him eating what he wants for a few days beforehand. He can be cunning, and I know I will find him in the kitchen helping himself to forbidden foods, claiming not to have seen huge notices saying don't eat anything without checking, or that he had forgotten about the test.

He is difficult at the best of times, but this prospect will undoubtedly lead to rows and scenes.

Since he has been complaining about his gut, I, and the CPN, suggested that he kept a diary of symptoms (he actually goes for weeks without any problems) but that suggestion some reason makes him cross and he will not accept that by trying to make him do it I am trying to help. He just accuses me of shouting at him, which at times indeed I have, as I cannot see writing down how many loo visits have been made per day is an unreasonable request.

Anyone any ideas on how to handle this upcoming hurdle?

Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Thank you all for the 'feedback' - in fact that is exactly what Monique needs!

Trouble is Monique cannot read or write any more - she can just about keep track of days by putting an X on a special calender. This following of the date is very important to her but presents confusion when she asks me for the information for the 10th time then finds there is already a badly formed x in the date square. Tragic really...

I am stuck with this journey to London tomorrow - will not be easy - Once there, the chances of getting her to a Doctor are low and trying to explain she has AD without doing it in front of her or within her hearing are even lower....

We will only be in London for a week (I hope!) My instinct at the moment is to keep the liquid intake high - has been low - and wait till we get home before heading out to the doctor - can arrange appointment here in a couple of hours but the UK I understand is much longer???

Does this scenario of waiting for just over a week ring any alarm bells with you all?

My internet search suggests that bowel movements vary greatly with different people and not having a movement is not dangerous - what do you think? People do not actually explode - do they?

Just got to get though the next week or so........