Constant "burbling"

Pooch Bob

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Oct 26, 2013
On November 7th my mother's behaviour changed. She started what I call constant "burbling". Lulalalalula etc. It is sort of singing and has a definite rhythm. It is all the time when she is awake. Sometimes she will say something relevant in the middle of burbling and then it will continue.
My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers 14 years ago and has many symptoms of the disease advancing. Does anyone else have experience of this "burbling" and have any ways of distracting? My mother has moved into a home this year after my father died in April. She seems quite content in the home. It is hard for other residents to cope with the burbling. I take her home as much as possible. Any thoughts appreciated. Have not been on forum for a while. All good wishes,
Pooch Bob


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Nov 9, 2014
Its not uncommon for people with dementia to make noises, you may be able to distract her but it is likely to be for seconds and then it will continue . Ask the staff how they are dealing with your mums 'burbling' it depends on the volume as to whether this is a problem. And if there are areas where others can move away to if they wish. This may be a phase or it could continue

Best of luck


Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
My mother went through a fairly long stage of pounding on her wheelchair tray and saying "da da da da da" over and over and over. Sometimes it was "ba ba ba ba ba". I was told by one nurse that it might be a form of self-stimulation.

Unfortunately, it was very tedious for the other residents but my mother had no control over it.

Kate and jack

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Jan 19, 2014
Southend on sea in essex
Hi pooch Bob
My mum has been rattling on now for nearly a year,exactly the same .
It drives us mad
We have moved her into the conservatory ,my dad said she's better out there as its sound proof !!
We find that nothing really works ,it's the pattern of the day now
If the tv or music is on,this sometimes makes her worse
When we turn everything off she seems calmer ,but her chanting isn't as loud !
Could she have a massage ,I found that when I worked in care ,a hand massage was good,having nails or hair done ect