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Dec 5, 2007
Hi all,

a few of you may have read some of my other posts - today i am posting on behalf of my Father (who cares for my Mum). As he doesn't have access to this forum, he was wondering if i could post to see if there is anyone living in his area that would like to/be able to meet up or have a phone chat with him sometime. I think he just misses adult company (the majority of their friends have not been anywhere to see since Mum got ill)and would like to meet people who are going through the same thing.
I know that he could meet people through the local AS branch, but i said i would post on here for him too... he always talks about "those friends you talk to on that internet thing".
Anyhow, i know it's a bit odd but if anyone lives around South-West London/Surrey and fancies a friend get back to me!

hope everyone is well,



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Mar 21, 2003
Hi Suzanne,

I hope you don't mind but I just want to remind people not to post personal details via the public forum.

Generally we don't encourage people to get in personal contact directly via talking point.

Please see the guidelines on Safety and privacy

It is undoubtedly a side effect of a forum full of such friendly folk, but we need to make people aware of internet safety rules.

Hope I don't sound like a spoil sport :eek:
Kind Regards