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Connection between aluminium and dementia

Henry Lecrotte

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Sep 22, 2015
Despite the published view that there is no connection between aluminium and dementia, a study was carried out in the south west where there was a high incident of patient who had been treated in the local hospitals on dialysis machines and developing dementia later. It was all to do with the levels of aluminium levels in the water. Also research was carried out (Gillette) to see if connection between of products such as deodrants (levels of aluminium) and dementia. The results have not been published. I suspect there is a connection.


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Sep 27, 2006
I used an aluminium pressure cooker (well think it was aluminium). My husband developed Lewy Body Disease and I didn't. Really don't know what to think and even so, it is too late now to worry about what we did or didn't use in the past. May be useful for more investigation I suppose



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Sep 7, 2012
Well, I'm usually really cynical about these things but I've read a bit about it and science doesn't seem able to discount the aluminium input with regards to dementia.

But of course it has to be taken in the package that dementia is.

Not all people who are 'high risk' develop dementia and a lot of people who have low or even *zero risk develop it.

I also heard that there is now some doubt as to whether 'plaques' actually play a part at all.

The brain is so hard to research, I fear we are a long way from knowing anything even approaching a possible cause.

*no such thing as zero risk
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