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only daughter

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Jun 16, 2014
Went to see Dad yesterday he's been in hospital since last Thursday with chest infection. He has been very confused at times but other times his conversations make sense. When we got there yesterday he told us he had discharged himself and could we get a wheelchair to take him home. He also said he knows we think he is mad to do it but he must get out everything he said seem so plausible. He keeps saying they don't do anything for you so what's the point of being in there. When we asked the nursing staff we were told that he won't be coming out for a while but his conversation was so convincing.
Mum is still in as well but she is getting better every day but still don't think she could cope at home on her own and definitely won't be able to cope with Dad anymore even with carers coming in.
I don't want my Dad to go into a CH but I just don't know what else there is, also if he has MC when tested he would refuse to go into one.

This nightmare continues