confused who his wife is!

goodwood park

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Sep 23, 2005
South England
I need some advice about my father in law who has recently been diagnosed with alzheimer's. The main concern at the moment is he thinks his wife has left him and isn't sure who the woman living with him is? Can anyone advise on the best way to handle this? It is very distressing for the family and mainly for his wife.

The other concern at the moment is that he and his wife have recently written a will however as he thinks his wife has left him he is refusing to sign it. He is very confused about money in general; can power of atorney be given to his wife without causing him massives of distress? He doesn't want to lose control over his finances.



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May 28, 2003
My advice would be to try and remove them both from the obvious cause of concern, maybe just detailing a past event that mainly involved your mother and father in law, but not to over empasise that this lady is his wife, if it is causing him distress.
To your second concern, I would suggest that you do not force the issue, but, if you havent already, leave it for some time before approaching the situation again. Could you possible seek the assistance of an independant person? Someone who your father in law can learn to trust, as independant, and so may follow the advice that they give.
If I may raise a concern, if there are other people involved/may have an interest in his will, they may later dispute his competence whilst giving instruction for the will.
Please do seek further advice.