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Confused: Is it early dementia and just Venting ...


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Jun 24, 2014
St aughustine fl
Totally understand. Sounds just like dementia. Just go along and be pleasant as can be. If your siblings won't include you, lucky you. I guess they will take care of everything in that case.
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Aug 28, 2014
It is very disheartening to post here and see over 100 reads and get one reply. Maybe I am not clear? It is hard for me to post because I am confused about her behavior that has changed radically and because I am grieving the fact that she is very ill with heart disease.
We were always so close and she was always such a loving, kind person. Now, she is angry a lot, finds constant fault with me ... all I understand .. but the memory issues
have me confused as to : is it normal or not?
If anyone can relate to either of my posts (November and now), please, just a few words. She is refusing to go to the doctor now and I am afraid. She tells ONLY ME what is wrong, that she is ill, no one else, and I don't know what I can do.
Sorry you feel you are not getting enough support here. Its hard to know how to help you. You could go and talk to your Mums GP and try to get the GP to come to the house when you are there? Sorry I cant offer more help or advice.