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Confused and in need of help


New member
Jul 22, 2020
Hello friends

Please feel free to read and comment....

I feel I am in a very complicated situation due to the recent split from my partner and wondered if it would be possible to meet someone, where I could possibly try to explain the best I can, or outline of how its come about, and if there is any possible help in somehow finding accommodation or I go about it.

I split from from my partner on Saturday 18th July. The main reason being that both myself and my partner feel we no longer love each other and see no point in staying together any longer. We have been together for over 30 yrs and have 3 grown up children. We divorced 20 odd years ago, but got back together shortly afterwards. We never remarried and had been happy enough because of it .. until now that is.

Although we have managed to stay together for this many years, it was mainly only because of our children.

Unfortunately, we let our eldest son stay with us recently because we were worried about his well being ( drugs and drink). At first.. he was a pleasure to have around and was being very helpful, as well as finding work for himself almost immediately. Unfortunately that all changed after a simple argument between him and me that simply spiralled out of control by his long term resentment towards me. I thought it could have been going over the top, but on reflection my outburst of a few chosen words where nothing compared to the abusive outburst I recieved in reply. He is 31years old, very fit, strong and healthy and knows I am no longer able to chastise or challenge if you know what I mean.,. in other words I fear for my safety by staying there any longer. I have been recently diagnosed with PPA -Primary Progressive Aphasia ( 3 or 4 months ago ) - which to me as a layman, is a very rare form of Alzheimer’s . I have finally accepted that I have this disease after not really accepting until now, where the symptoms are slowly becoming more obvious to me.. Hopefully I will try to care for myself from now and listen more to the experts,.. whom I have not taken note from the offset.. I also suffer from epilepsy, but has been well controlled with the help of tablets.
My major problem now finding accommodation for myself.

We have just moved home from living in Devon for 20 yrs to Dorset only a few months ago, thinking life would be better in a new county to more or less enjoy our retirement together but I know that that is not going to be the case no longer.

I was born and bred in Normanton in West Yorkshire but as I say I have lived in the West Country for 30 years or so and what I now called home. I have now had to return back to my roots for family support and to where I will be staying until I can find accommodation for myself and to start afresh. My sisters are in their 70s and I feel I am imposing by staying there. I have the best sisters in the world.. all five of them and I dont want to impose to long.

As I say..this is very complicated for me to explain and wondered if there is any help that would be availiable if or I could make a possible appointment to see a advisor to discuss my future.

I find it hard to answer simple questions because of my condition, (but I can) I simply find it easier to text, where I can sit and think more slowly and clearly before replying orally.

Many thanks ... Sut


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
Hello and welcome @Sut

Perhaps it would help if you spoke to the dementia connect helpline. Here's a link for that. Best of luck to you