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Confused about benefits of medication for Alzheimer’s


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Oct 18, 2019
My partner has suspected Alzheimer’s - (based on a scan and behaviour)early stage. He is also having treatment for cancer which should be successful. He is not interested in Alz diagnosis as does not see a problem.

Internet advice says get diagnosis early but info on medication says don’t give medication in early stage and effects do not last - in one case says only last 6 months.
I want partner to not worry about condition esp during cancer treatment so want to see someone (happy to pay for specialist)to help me decide whether to push him to get diagnosis or let him be happy for now. He is living a normal life but has definite symptoms.
Can anyone help re finding specialist to get advice on my own or any info on success of medication.


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @Sue741215
a warm welcome to DTP
you and your husband certainly have a lot to contend with right now

I'm not sure what you've been reading ... my understanding is that it's best to start medication as soon as possible, and as early on as possible, to have the chance of benefitting from some delaying of symptoms
there are always questions about how much benefit there is, and whether there will be side effects (they usually appear very soon after beginning on the meds, eg 'stomach problems', so the mecs can be stopped quickly)
my dad was much more settled, less anxious, and so could get on better with everyday life ... if this is the case for your husband, it may help him cope with the cancer treatment ... his consultant will know whether or not the drugs can be taken alongside the treatment
personally, I'd say give it a go


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Aug 1, 2014
Victoria, Australia
So long as medication doesn't interfere with the cancer treatment, then I would try it too.

I don't see that you have anything to lose.

My husband started on one medication but had some issues so was changed over to patches which he has been using for over four years. As yet there are no cures for dementia but medications may slow the symptoms and could possible reduce some the stress that can be associated with dementia.

Again, you have nothing to lose by trying whatever medication your doctor thinks is suitable for your husband.


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Jul 14, 2006
My husband was given Aricept from the day he received confirmation of his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. At the time because of the cost of the medication N.I.C.E said it was only to be given at the moderate stage but thankfully my husband’s consultant thought early was the right time and she prescribed it. I am sure that this medication, first at 5ml then increased to 10ml gave my husband a further four good years where with help he continued to work which in turn helped him to stay fit and healthy. He was 62 when diagnosed nearly 15 years ago.