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Aug 10, 2005
My father has Alzheimers and the house is in his name. My mother who has been married to him for 55 years is worried that she has no claim on the house. She is asking if her name can be put on the deeds as a tenant in common. She is not currently on the deeds although she has contributed to the running of the home.

Can we do this? There is an EPA and I am the Attorney. To protect my father there is a restriction that the house is not to be sold, mortgaged, or let, or have a charge put on it unless a court rules that it is in my father's or mothers interest to do so.

The EPA is not yet registered with the Court of Protection, but do we have to follow its terms. The EPA says "I intend that this power shall continue even if I become mentally incapable"

My view is that we have to follow the terms of the EPA, but if so which court would deal with this.

Grateful for any advice


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Dandy, get on to our helpline desk at HQ, they should be able to advise you. It must be very worrying for you all right now. Thinking of you, love She. XX