Concerned as Mom refuses to see a doctor


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Jul 10, 2024
I am concerned about my mom, there is just me and no family close by. I was adopted at two and she never got married. Shes so independent and strong willed I dont know if she'll ever get help. Ive gotten her to go in for uti checkup and they did an abdominal cat scan. she claims shes perfectly ok and wont let me lift a finger. Everything i do I do it suttly for the sake of her wellbieng I have to. I took FMLA for work and am living off of a workers compensation I recently had for my Labral surgery. I work for the post office so Its helped but I dont think i'll be going back to work there, I am considering at home type of job. I feel as though i'm in a limbo state and trying to take each second and hour of day to day as it comes because if i dont do that, i'll panic. I cant get her a diagnosis Ive gotten her to sign a hippa form, she doesnt recall... Ive got full Durable POA but her trust is so maticulous and well written. I have to go through the incoherant state and thats where i am at right now. I feel like my entire world has flipped me upside down and time is moving way to fast. Anyone have any advice on how to approach this in a calming approach for both sides. Thanks in advance!



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Mar 25, 2016
Hello @Daryelinder and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about what you are going through, it must be hard to deal with on your own. It's good that you are taking things a day at a time, I found that helpful too, and having the POA already in place will be a help later on when needed. Are you able to get a break now and again, if only for a little while, so that you have some time to yourself? Perhaps writing to your mom's doctor with a list of your concerns might help too? It sounds like you may be in the USA but no matter where you, joining the forum is a good source of support and you won't be alone here, people understand.