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Concerned about partner


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Mar 12, 2014
I haven't posted recently but am now back. I have tried with help of my partners sister to get him to the doctors about his repetitiveness and other things. Sadly now his sister has told my partner that he doesn't have any issues with repetitiveness etc. My partner has also changed doctors because he says I have betrayed him by talking to the doctor about my concerns. I have also had my partner also wants to know why I did and why I believed he could have some form of dementia. He has said that I am the one with problems. This situation has put our relationship under great strain. I am now very much alone and feel that I don't know what I can do or who I can trust.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
The notes from his old GP should follow him to the new GP and it is quite common for GP's to invite new patients in for a basic health check, this could start the diagnosis process.


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Feb 11, 2015
Hello, wanted to bump this back up and also to say that i think nitram makes a good point - his previous notes will be transferred to the new GP so they will be aware of the concerns you raised.

Could you say to your partner "I'm not a doctor and neither is your sister so rather than us interfering like amateurs why not let the new doc have the final word" - get him to go along for a full check 'just to prove you wrong'. There are many reasons for memory problems not just dementia - blood tests will show up deficiencies that can cause all sorts of issues so do emphasise that there really is no point disagreeing about 'what if's' - and we all hate going to the doctor but sometimes it is the only way.