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Concerned about parents memory


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May 14, 2014
I’m not sure what to really, I just feel myself constantly worrying about both my parents memory but, more my dad.

A bit of family history so I don’t sound too crazy for panicking
My Granddad (my mum’s father) passed away in 2015, his health deteriorated after eventually being diagnosed with Dementia. My Auntie (my dad’s sister) was diagnosed a year ago with Alzheimer’s.

I have noticed my Dad has been experiencing memory problems over the past half a year. Maybe, I’m being dramatic but, losing my grandad and my auntie now being diagnosed has made me feel extremely anxious
My Dad is 70 which I wouldn’t consider old at all
what is normal forgetfulness and what should be a concern?
My Dad doesn’t always struggle with his memory but, he’ll forget certain things me and my sister like & dislike (mostly things we have liked or disliked for years), he will ask me to about things I’ve explained a couple times before. He finds it difficult to play board games mainly cluedo with quite a few instructions. He also, will say he doesn’t like a food that he previously enjoyed with no explanation.
Theres more but, I don’t want to go on
Not sure whether that makes any sense


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Aug 31, 2003
Hi and welcome back to the forum - I see you posted about your grandad a few years ago.

I’m sorry that you now have these concerns about your dad. Have you broached the subject with him? I know it will be hard to have this kind of conversation and wondered if these links would be of any help to you-