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Jul 8, 2004
Near Bristol
"There is 24 hour nursing care available but this has to go through your GP.

· 24 hour personal care again is available BUT IS NOT FUNDED. Available via private agency and it would probably cost around £600.00 a week

· However,home care can be increased by hourly slots ie they could come in and prepare lunch and again prepare for bed in the evening.

· “Sitting Service” – Available from day care. Ask SW."

The above suggestions have been provided for my area by my Social Worker.
Look into what is available in all your areas + there are many voluntary organisations like in my area--

Sitting services
Church volunteers
Other charity type help.

See what is available in your area and make the most of it.



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Mar 7, 2004
When you need it you are at your lowest ebb. Believe me I know. However when you access services before your IMMEDIARE need, you are put n the back burner. Have been assessed as needing an extra day for Lionel, 8 weeks on they are still talking about it. Stuff them, we will go down our own road. Con.


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Just to add to what Snuffy says, I got a package for Mum, AM, help to get up and washed, 5 days at day care from 10am to 3pm, then PM, someone to help get her to bed. I did this for the five weekdays. I also had one night sit a week courtesy of Crossroads. At the week end, I had a friend who is a professional carer, bath and wash her hair on a Saturday morning for which I paid privately. (I then set her hair and did her nails which gave us quite a pleasant morning for the most part.) The rest of the weekend I did myself. There is no reason why you can't "top up" what is offered with private care as well. Doing this made it possible for Mum to stay at home with us. Without the help, I would have become too exhausted as she was so often up all night and had sundowning dreadfully. Do look at all the different options and don't forget respite weeks, we had those too. It wont be cheaper than a home, but it might be the difference you need not to put your loved one into one. Then again, if things are getting too much to cope with on a daily basis, you should never feel guilty if a home becomes the only option. Always remember, it is the illness, not your loved one and it is an illness that at present we cannot cure, sadly there is only one way it will end. Love She. XX