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College project for Alzeheimers Society


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Nov 26, 2007
Hi to everyone that reads these forums,

I'm a full time student, and im working on an advertising brief for Alzheimer's Society. I have to take between 4 and 12 photos to show the effects of living with Alzheimer's and Dementia. I previously had no knowledge on Alzheimer's because sadly like most people i just did not think about it or people suffering with it. My grandad was diagnosed with Parkinson's years ago but i refused to see him when he suffered dementia as i wanted to remember him as he was, i think this is why im so interested in completing this brief. I have read about Alzheimer's and to some degree understand the effects but obviously i don't suffer from this and also i am not around people that have the disease. My grandad passed about 5 years ago, so this project is dedicated to him and anyone who has been touched by the disease.

My images need to be powerful and they are not allowed to contain any copy (writing), they need to explain themselves, also the images need to be respectful. The reason for me posting this is because i would like to hear from people that have been touched by this disease, and i would like your thoughts. I don't want to be a typical outsider and take the photos not understanding the disease. I am going to try and volunteer at a local home for a couple of hours next week, so i can spend time with the carers and Alzheimer's patients. I would appreciate any feedback and if anyone has any ideas for the photographs that will be amazing too.

I have been reading the stories on this forum and most of them have put a tear in my eye, i want to open peoples minds about Alzheimer's as more people are being diagnosed every year, even young people, but i also want to be respectful to everyone affected.

Thank you for your time in reading this and i hope some of you may be of some help.


ellie 123

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May 25, 2006
Good Luck

Hi Lauren

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to assist you at this precise moment but just wanted to say that my son, who is in his final year at uni, is taking some photos of mum for his final project. When he asked my immediate response was yes, but then I got a bit worried about respect, dignity and confidentiality. Obviously being family I will have the final say on what he puts in his exhibition and I really want to do it because people need to be more aware. Like you I was totally ignorant until mum became ill but it doesn't prepare you for just how bad the illness is - so be prepared to be shocked/upset/overwhelmed and probably frustrated (by attitudes, and official red tape, etc.). But there are also many happy and funny moments. I would describe the illness as the 'living dead' and if you could get some of that across. You lose your loved one - they're gone as you knew them - but they're still alive and breathing. And you never know how long or short the journey is going to be, you just take one day at a time and pray you'll (the carer) will survive it.

Enjoy the experience.

Love ellie


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Lauren

Good luck with your project.

Perhaps it might help if you tell us more about - the place where you are a student, what is your subject of study, which part of the Alzheimer's Society has given you the brief - branch, HQ, etc, what is the expectation for your photographs - how will they be used? The more we feel we know you, the more likely you are to have help offered.

Please bear in mind that - beyond questions about the why's and wherefore's of your project, you should communicate primarily initially by Private Message on the forum.

If the people who wish to help want to provide further information about themselves, then that is fine, but it should remain private between you and them.

Again, good luck with your project. :)