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Co Carer is suddenly not trusted


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Sep 27, 2015
My partner and I take turns caring, at night, for my 98 year old Mother she i now showing more awkward dementia signs. The hallucinations (she also has macular degeneration) have been mostly benign and the Paranoia of "Them" out to get her has been successfully diverted. However today she believes that my co carer and her non existent brother are out to get my mother and me. She will not accept any drinks from the co carer (afraid of Poison). To keep the routine my co carer is staying but to ensure safety of all I am staying as well. Has anyone got any strategies to get back to relative normal? I have found information on how to deal with thoughts that items are being taken but nothing on sudden lack of trust on a carer. The co carer is a willing extended family member so its not a case of calling the agency for a replacement.


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Sep 17, 2010
Something similar happened in our family. Mum turned against my SIL (not for anything she'd done - but for something Mum made up that she'd done). We just had to wait until Mum forgot her "reason" for "being agin" my totally innocent and caring SIL.

We found it best not to reinforce Mum's anger with SIL by arguing against her delusions. Mum did come round eventually but I'm afraid it took months.


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Dec 17, 2012
Mum also had that for months at the care home. As AlsoConfused said it took months. Mum appears to have forgotten about it now.