Clothing for dementia sufferers

Mike Floutier

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We'd just like to pass on a recommendation for a small company supplying specialised clothing for demntia sufferers. We have used them several times and are delighted at their service. To give you an idea we are reproducing the e-mail we received from them today; they are amazing.

The company is called "Able to wear" and their website is at:

Mike and Liz Floutier


Dear Mrs Floutier,

Thank you for your email. I'll have to check the number on the website, but it should be 0141-774-8000. Which number were you trying?

We did make these suits, but one of the problems of them was that they were being used for younger, very vigorous males, who were determined to get out of them, and they were ripping them to shreds at the seams. Thus for these people we are now looking for a material which has the seam strength of canvas with the comfort of knitted cotton. Unlikely. However, the original material - which was a mix of cotton and lycra so that it was comfortable to wear but would fit closely to prevent interference - was very successful for older people. In fact, we had a bank manager's wife, whose husband had developed dementia before he was sixty and for whom she cared for over ten years, who said that we had saved her sanity, as she had exactly the problem you describe, and from the first night she put him to bed in a suit the problem was solved. I hope we can do the same for you, as it is very distressing, and I so much admire all the families who care for their relatives like this.

We have some of these suits, which we don't advertise at the moment as we only have a small stock in a limited range of sizes, but if you can give me your mother's chest, waist, back neck to waist and inside leg measurement we'll have a look to see if we have something to fit her. They are like a babygro without feet, V neck and short sleeves, but close-fitting ankles to deter hands being put up the leg. To put them on they pull up to the chest like chest waders, and then you put the arms in the armholes and the top part pops over the head like an envelope. It fastens across the back at chest level with a long, fine strip of Velcro. Horizontal velcro is incredibly difficult to open with two hands in front of you, and impossible for the wearer.

The colours are not great - slate blue and white, and the sizes are fairly limited, but if you send me the measurements we'll see what we can do. The suit is quite a thick jersey cotton/lycra, and you may have to lighten the bedclothes, but if we have one or two to fit I think we'll be able to resolve your problem. I hope so.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,



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Jul 12, 2007

On that note I also used a company called Moochi Carewear. I think they have changed their name now to Adaptawear which i think sounds a lot better!

I bought some adaptive clothing for both of my parents from them. They dont do the all in one suuits but they do these back opening clothes that look normal which i think is really important for dignity. I find it really good when dressing my dad especially because he has bad arthritis aswell as dementia.

I am the sole carer for both my parents and found their clothes really helpful.

I have found their website address its