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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
Hi All
To-day I went shopping for new clothes for Mum. She has about 8 red suits ( I think it is her favourite colour) She will only wear a suit, as in skirt, jacket and blouse. When I am helping her get clothes ready for daycare, it is a nightmare, with all of these suits in different shades of red, because it takes her forever, even with my help, to try to match skirts with jackets. I decided enough is enough, I will buy suits in different colours and slowly lose the red ones, to make things easier. So, to-day, I bought 3 suits, grey, brown and beige. Mum wasn't with me, she won't spend money, thinks she can't afford it.
She was delighted with the new clothes, said they were lovely, took them home (only next door) However, when Mum and Dad arrived later for dinner, Dad was wearing the grey jacket, fortunately not the skirt and Mum insisted it belonged to him. I think I will have to change the buttons to something more ornate or maybe pin a big brooch to the jacket.
Needless to say, Dad didn't know any different. Mum told him the jacket was his, so it must be. SHE SAID IT!!


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Aug 9, 2005
Oh Alfjess, thanks for giving me a big smile!!:)

Clothes are starting to be a problem with Mum too. She and Dad have been invited to a big evening event (which is really beyond both of them but they are determined to go!) and I told Mum I'd take her shopping as she has nothing suitable to wear. She hates shopping so started to object. "Anyway, I can wear my new jacket" she objected. I didn't know anything about a new jacket so I said something like "Oh that sounds nice - may I see it?" She gets her tracksuit jacket out (about 6 months old) and says "There!"

So then I have to explain as sensitively and gently as possible that it won't be suitable. I tried "it mightn't be warm enough" but was promptly told "It is LOVELY and warm!" (which it probably is!) so had to go to the truth.

Then Mum is all upset and wants to know why she can't wear what she wants to wear. I'm tempted to let her, but Dad (who doesn't yet have AD diagnosed - but I think is in early stages) would be mortified if she went in a track suit!!

Mum was always a very careful dresser and very fussy about "looking right". (In our family we joke about the fact that our childhood fancy dress clothes were all made with french seams and hand hemmed - when everyone else's were stuck together with staples and nappy pins!) It breaks my heart now to see her so bewildered about the darned track suit.

On a more cheerful note, have you considered letting your Mum "mix and match" her suits!? Maybe the red jackets could be worn with grey or navy skirts - or vice versa?? Or would that freak your Mum right out??!!

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Well done, Alfjess!

I get grumbled at for always wanting to choose black (and that's for myself!) ... just it's so easy to colour co-ordinate :eek: (or rather not have to!)....

Perhaps now your mum can enjoy red with other neutral colours ... hmmm..... how many skirts and jackets..... how many combinations....? Saves a lot of 'matching'!!!!

And if she and dad like him in the grey jacket, so what? If they're both happy with it and you can smile about it, isn't that a good thing all round?

Hope dinner went well, love Karen, x


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
Hi Nell and Karen
If only Mum would wear a track suit.
I have tried mixing and matching, but in Mum's mind the skirts and jackets have to be the exact same shade and colour. Now she is even refusing to wear a blouse if it is not the same colour as the suits. Unfortunately the grey jacket was way too small for Dad
I have them here every night for dinner, so it was as usual. Sometimes they don't eat very much, because Mum has already cooked dinner (a whole loaf of bread toasted, with a lot of cheese) If left to cook for themselves this is what they would have for every meal
Hope you get your Mum's outfit sorted, without to much upset, Nell
Alfjess x