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clinical trial


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Aug 4, 2013
barnsley england
My wife who has mild alzheimers has been accepted for a clinical trial for a drug called liraglutide. What i find hard to get my head around is that half participants will have the drug and half will have a placebo.I only hope and pray that she gets the drug I know this may sound selfish and keep telling myself that at least she has a 50% chance and even if she gets the dummy she will have helped others to benefit from what on the face of it seems promising. I would like to hear from anybody else who is involved in this trial


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Aug 31, 2003
Good luck with the trial.

We're not involved in it but my husband was involved in a clinical trial some time ago. It was the same as the one you describe. Half the participants were on a placebo. It was a double blind trial which meant that the doctors giving the drug didn't know if the patient was on the drug or the placebo. Sadly the drugs company pulled the trial as they felt that worldwide the results were not as they had hoped. We were told some months afterwards that my husband had been on the live medication and not the placebo.

Like you I hoped that my husband would benefit but felt that others might benefit in the long run.