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Citropram antidepressants advice please


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Jul 7, 2008
Hi all hope your as well as can be its been a while since i last posted
Just trying to get through lockdown looking after my father n knuckling down its had its upand downs which i might do a different thread on
Im on here for a bit of advice dad 73 dementia mid stage had /has on occasion become very aggressive in last yr and after a lack of support from dr memory clininc i was ready to just give up ive already given my life up no home no job husband spilt up etc but anyway after 5 months of going to to fro from pillow to post making complaints etc long story and being put through absolutel hell finally manage to get memory clininc to give him tablets melatonin 4 mg n 10 mg citropllam for anxiety n aggressive behaviour hes now been on it 5 weeks n the only difference ive noticed is hes more quiet sometimes in a trance and he’s sleeping pattern is up n down ie one morning up at 8 am next 6 am then 12 pm im not sure weather to ask the memory clinc to up it 20 mg or continue any thoughts on this drug also just tp add hes got two aggressive incidents in last 11 weeks both nearly had to call police so the citrolpram is not helping with aggressive behaviour so i have to within next couple of weeks call memory clinc and let them know wgat i want to do ie continue with tabs up them or discontinue


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
My wife was on that a long time ago and I can't recall much about it other than that it didn't help her much.

The thing with antidepressants is that it's sometimes the case that a few different ones have to be tried before the 'right' one for a person is found. I would just report your observations and see what the medics have to say about trying a different medication.


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Jul 7, 2008
Also would anyone know what if anything can be given for aggressive behaviour
( ive troed the tatics ie diverting )

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