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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Thanks Brucie

Great article (for all sorts of reasons)....

The best 'planning ahead' I feel I have done so far this Christmas is to make my first 'New Year Resolution' - that under whatever circumstances I find myself in this time next year I will have recognised the potential impact in advance and be more prepared to face the additional challenges this time of year brings....

That's thanks to everyone here who has contributed under various threads on the subject..... (can't get to all of them) ......

Much love and thanks, Karen (TF), x


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Feb 17, 2006
If my mother was not so ill ,

I would be sharing my time helping ,on Christmas day helping out at the homeless people christmas dinner , or organising a Christmas dinner for all the old people alone in there home pick them up , in a Community bus to take them to a community hall and my tennagers could join me if they like , would have to get addresses from social worker as I don’t know any old people that live alone in my area, they must be some Organisation that does that now or I would be seting it up . I only know the people who are on my mother AZ bus , and they have family looking after them .
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