Christmas Day


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Apr 11, 2006
Beckenham Kent
I have been suffering with bronchitis, left me with a dreadful cough so didn't go and see mum for a couple of weeks. Had already arranged to go and stay with my daughter for Christmas, she lives in Leamington Spa. Drove up there on Christmas Eve knowing that two of my brothers would be going to see mum.

Christmas morning, about 11 am, phone call from mum's NH saying she was very poorly and they were sending her to hospital. Luckily one of my brothers lives close to the hospital and he was with mum when she arrived. The doctors thought it was a
UTI and decided mum needed antibiotics and then sent her back to the NH. Not a good Christmas day.

I came home today and went to see mum this afternoon. She looks as though she has lost more weight, was very confused and all she could say was 'please take me home' over and over again. I spoke to one of the nursing sisters and they said that mum now needed to be fed as she couldn't manage on her own anymore.

I don't know whether, if something like this happens again, we should have mum treated or not. All we are doing is prolonging a very unhappy life. Mum also has lesions on her face from pre skin cancer and it is very noticable how much worse these have become.

Quality versus quantity and there is very little quality anymore.

A Happy New Year to you all. Thinking of you. Sheila.


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Sheila,
I am so sorry to read about your Mother.
Do hope you are feeling better now. When we are run down and stressed we also become viable to picking up anything it seems going about.
As my husband is in the last stage and although he is 62, Peter looks like someone in his 90s and so very thin. Unable to speak, eat properly, medication not really working. Nursing Home are getting Doctor in again to-day also a Diatrician.
The staff in the E.M.I. Unit are really fantastic and phone every couple of days to check on me.
Peter has also had so many mild strokes and a couple of weeks ago, I spent 40 minutes with him and there was no recognition. I left the Unit and sat downstairs with the Manager and I knew I had finally lost my soul-mate completely to A.D.
As I have been disabled for 21 years and in daily pain, that I have learnt to live with but I would not want to live in the A.D. world.
Each time the phone goes, I think it is the call to tell me he has passed away in his sleep.
I can only send you my best wishes and a big hug.


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
dear Sheila.
Love goes out to all your family.What do we do for the best?Each individual case is just that,no-one can make that descison for anyone.How you and your family feel on this is what matters.A tough one to make but have the strength in each other to decide what you feel is best.i admire the fact that you have had this thought,it must be a terrible time for you all,given the time of year.
have strength to do the right thing to you all elainex