Choosing the right care home


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Apr 21, 2004
I wanted to share some information that I wish we had when we were choosing a care home for my Dad.

When Dad was finally admitted to the Mental Health ward at our local hospital were knew that we had to find somewhere more permanent for him. Our consultant was very helpful and we scouted the area for a care home with an EMI unit. Dad was put on a waiting list of a couple in the area and Dad is now settled in a wonderful home take great pride in looking after Dad and his 'friends'.

Recently I came across a website for the Commission for Social Care Inspection. It gives great information on service providers and what I found to be of great use, was direct access to care inspection reports.

The reports are free to download in a PDF format and we printed off the reports for the care homes that we wanted Dad to go to - including the one that he's in now.

The reports are interesting and give a good overview of the home. It also put our mind completely at rest to know that Dad is getting, what we feel, the best care he could be offered.

Just thought it might helpe some of us who are having difficulty finding the right home for our loved one.