Chest infections?


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Jul 14, 2006
Thanks again to those who helped with advice on my previous thread....

I know find myself asking for more - my father was admitted to hospital last week with a chest infection and has been genuinely unwell since - immobile, sleeping a lot, and generally distressed which I put largely down to confusion and unrest in the hospital environment.

I have read a couple of threads on hear about chest infections and must admit had not thought this was in anyway to do with dementia but thought it medical like we all get. Is there a link between dementia and dementia or is it just the general lack of fitness that makes the bidy vulnerable.

Doctors are treating with antibiotics etc but in 12 hrs he went from being mobile to being so unwell and to be fair has not improved much in the last 3 days. Heres hoping he at least gets back to where he was an comes home because he is so down about it.

Thanks in antic....Rob

PS Are chest infections likely to reoccur


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Feb 24, 2006
Perhaps from general self-neglect, staying in bed too long, being too hot or too cold etc.?

When my mother got a chest infection it was probably from going and sitting on the ground after dark on a frosty night. (She said she didn't fall that time.) I don't know how long she stayed there before deciding to press her button and summon a neighbour. I think she did it because she didn't want to go and look at a home. She also repeatedly went out in the rain her nightie. But that infection cleared up with antibiotics.