Checklist/ Running order


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Hi I was thinking we could do with a check list of practical things that should be done in what order. to me it seems like there isnt much information out there.


1. Get to the dr asap : my mum didnt do this she was messing both me and my dad around for nearly two years b4 going to the dr.

2. Recieve a correct Diagnosis : ASAP

3. Use drugs and complementry therapies to help slow down the progession.

4. things like district nurses and home visits from Consultant's

5. Respite care : Ive head of this but I dont know what it is and I havent been told by anyone.

6. EPA : what is this and what does it mean?

this post totally confused me

7. nursing homes : where are they and how much are they.

add to this as you feel is neccarsary.

So far I feel as though Iam around point 4 and dont seem to be getting much help from anyone to be honest. Everything I seem to be doing seems to be all off the top of my head and im very confused about the situation.
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