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CHC query


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Mar 29, 2015
My father is in a care home, was at home for a few months with 2 carers 4 times a day, then NHS said they didn't have care staff so dad went into a home. At that point I was at burn out having looked after both parents for 10 years with no help - mum had very violent behaviour for a number of years but was considered not to qualify for CHC until dad went into home.

Dad has senile dementia and has not been referred to a memory clinic or anywhere else 'for clinical reasons' it said on form. He suffers from acute kidney injury, cannot walk, is losing the use of his arms, has to be hoisted, is doubly incontinent, has to have soft food. Is at risk of choking, has no idea how much he has eaten or drunk, has osteoporosis, partial hip replacement, arthritis, cannot say when he is in pain, is losing speech, hallucinates. Cannot turn on tv/change channel, cannot read newspaper any more. Is at high risk of sores - has had them, when they leave him in bed he has to be turned every 2 hours. He will always try to answer a question with something positive that he thinks people want to hear. I'm sure I have forgotten some more things wrong with him.

He has CHc but they now want to take it away. My query is that I have not been given access to the care home notes nor GP notes, I have PoA and requested them some time ago. When i ask the staff they always tell me that he is fine, when he clearly is not. He has suspected heart problems and history of suspected TIAs. I see him with his mouth blue - he has collapsed in the past.

I am not told what meds he takes, I don't know if he has a care plan. The situation is very worrying, I don't feel that I can put a case for him to retain funding.

The nhs want to send him back home for me to look after on my own, they informally sugggested that I could get £100/week contribution. I have my own health challenges and good carers are pretty much impossible to find. His behaviour is controlling which is problematic. If he comes back home, I won't last very long, dad has no idea (or cares any more) about the serious injuries that lifting him etc has caused.

The original review meeting was a shambles as the care home did not send a medically qualifies member of staff. We now face going back to what I think is stage 1 with social services present.

I think that I should be given access to his records before any meeting, I seem to be ignored on this.

Any thoughts? I am desperately worried.
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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
hello DoobyDoo. I am sorry to welcome you to TP under such dire circumstances.

I know little about CHC, but have read many times on here that with the first review they often try to take CHC away ., if they do you are fully entitled to appeal. I am sure others with far more knowledge than I will be along later today, so please keep checking back here.

Do you have health and welfare LPA, if so they really should not be refusing you And to be honest I find it worrying that you are being denied access to things you really should know about , ie medication, care plans and more.
Once again others with more knowledge than I will be along soon to give good advise on the best way to deal with this. Perhaps arrange to speak to Dads GP and take along a copy of the Health and Welfare LPA if you have it.

As for sending your Dad home for you to care for him, They cannot force you , in the uk no one can be forced to take on caring duties for another adult no matter what the relationship , oh they are not above trying to guilt trip you into it ,but legally they don't have a leg to stand on. You must be strong , keep saying no no no. It is hard I know but please try to stay strong to fight this. You have cared for your Mum and Dad for 10 years with no help worn yourself out caring and now this.



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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Stopping CHC involves a review which takes you back to the DST unless it currently is a joint care package when it takes you right back to the checklist. If it is considered there have been large changes the review can take you back to the top of the chart as a trigger.

With H& W LPA you should be given full access to all his records.

They can't force you to care for him.

I would first ask whether or not they intend doing a checklist as part of the review and take it from there.