Chc is it worth trying


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Feb 4, 2013
One of the unfairest things about CHC is the subsequent review marking - because mum is now very frail, has absolutely no quality of life, has a Living Will and is (bluntly) dying slowly by inches, we made the decision to withdraw all her medication. This resulted in her being marked down at CHC review from Medium for Drug Therapies to Low. Because she is now confined to bed or wheelchair she is now longer at risk of falls, so has been downgraded on that one. Because she is now completely passive when personal care is being carried out, Behaviour has also been downgraded. She still qualifies (just) but has had two reviews in the past six months with another one due in three months time which makes me feel they are determined to get it off her if they can. She is being transferred from residential to nursing care next week as her current home can't cope with her needs and the nursing home will be better able to provide end of life care. Just how bad do you have to be for the CCG to give financial help without it feeling begrudged? She's been self-funding for almost seven years, with almost all of the money from her house sale now gone.


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May 27, 2013
Your post mirrors much of the same situation we've encountered with my mum.

For example, as her condition deteriorated it was almost inevitable she would become bed bound, which indeed happened around the latter half of 2012.

This was one of the primary reasons she lost her CHC eligibility - because she was no longer "at risk of falling".

But hang on - she had a "primary health need" identified four years earlier, and that's the main reason she is no longer deemed to have a primary health need?

So all those people in hospital for heart operations, broken legs etc etc also have a primary health need, but they're not at risk of falling over either! But nobody would dare suggest they're not entitled to NHS funded care.

The logic the CCGs apply just implodes on itself. But no worry - no CHC - job done!
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