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CHC Funding turned down!! What now?


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Oct 25, 2014
Hi All,
This is reference to my dad who has dementia and his in an EMI nursing home. He has multiple health problems along with his vascular dementia.
We had a CHC assessment done on 17th February using the DST. Unsurprisingly we did not get it even though dad scored 4 highs and 3 moderates and 4 lows across all the domains.
I have just received a copy of the DST. All his needs were played down not only by the NHS assessor but by his social worker and the homes lead RGN.
We argued our case at the meeting but were talked over a lot and the assessor refused to put anything into the last 12th domain and failed to give it a score.
We want to appeal this decision. Has anyone any experience of going to appeal?
Thanks in advance:mad:


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Oct 3, 2011
Sorry I do not have any experience associated with your concern. I admire anyone who is prepared to persue a legitimate concern and wish you success.


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Oct 9, 2011
Milton Keynes
Hi marts1711

I can understand your frustration at the way your father's needs have been played down in the DST. This is sadly very common.

If you disagree with some of the scores in the different domains, be sure to tell the Continuing Healthcare team that you disagree and that you will be appealing. They should then send you details of the appeal process, if they haven't done so already.

The Continuing Healthcare assessment is about the whole picture of need. Although it's not about the scores in isolation, it does certainly help if you have one, preferably two, Severe scores. That said, though, I have seen people secure Continuing Healthcare funding with just one Severe score - and also with no Severe scores.

The very least the NHS should do at this point in your father's case if is to address the inaccuracies and omissions in the DST. They may offer you a local dispute resolution meeting, at which (in my experience) the NHS will aim to justify what's been written in the DST. Stick to your guns and argue every point you feel is incorrect and, if appropriate, insist on a new DST. Also, if you feel the daily care notes for your father do not reflect the true picture of his needs - and that they therefore let you down - be sure to raise this with the Continuing Healthcare team and also with the care provider. I hope that helps.