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Oct 18, 2013
Can anyone shed any light on what the assessors will look at when doing a Fast track CHC review.

Background, turned down in Jan at MDT but review was a complete farce. Incomplete records kept by home etc.

Too much going on so didn't appeal but put comments to panel. Still turned down.

6 weeks ago mum deteriorated due to neglect IMO. She has now stabilised due to the help of a team of visitors i have in place.

Behaviours, cognition, etc all worse but eating and drinking better due to the extra help i've put in.

How can i prepare for the meeting? They are saying if she has stabilised then fastrack funding will be removed and they will re-do original assessment. THey are saying she as only awarded it as GP said days/weeks to live. We are 6 weeks on.

Are there any charities who could go to the meeting with me?


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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
My MIL had fast-track funding and I understand it is correct that the key issue is that the person is considered by a GP or other doctor to be at end of life stage. Otherwise the full assessment has to be completed to determine eligibility.

So the doctor's opinion of that point will be the crucial one. What does he/she say now about how long your mum is expected to live, even if she appears to be more stable or calm or comfortable? My MIL did not have any difficult or challenging behaviour towards the end; she just faded away a little more every day. She lived less than six months after CHC was awarded so it was never reviewed. We were told at the outset it could be reviewed after 3 months but 'not to worry about that'.
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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
Fastracked is only with reference to how quickly the application for CHC is processed.
If an application is 'fastracked' is that who ever is assessing the application consider the need for a quick decision.

it sound like the decision was made quickly as it was presumed that your Mum was at the end of her life. That appears now not to be the case ( for whatever reason) so the funding will be reviewed, as is every CHC funding award


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
"Fastracked is only with reference to how quickly the application for CHC is processed.
If an application is 'fastracked' is that who ever is assessing the application consider the need for a quick decision"

A fast track application does not involve any further discussions, its completion establishes a 'primary health need'. CHC is awarded the same or next working day.

An appropriate clinician has to sign the statement and provide a prognosis, in my wife's case expected life remaining was, weeks, months, maximum 6 months. She lasted 3 months without any review.

Page 10
The individual fulfils the following criterion:
He or she has a rapidly deteriorating condition and the condition may be entering a terminal phase. For the purposes of Fast Track eligibility this constitutes a primary health need. No other test is required.

15. There may be some situations where the fast-track process is later found to have been inappropriate, for example because the decision was made after an acute episode of a condition which was subsequently found to be treatable. In such situations the completion of the DST may lead to a decision to cease NHS continuing healthcare funding. However, noone who has been identified through the fast-track process as being eligible for NHS continuing healthcare should have this funding removed without the completion of a full DST, taking account of any deterioration that is present or expected.

>>>fast track pathway<<<

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